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K9 P.I. Bed bug dogs meet for the first time

Addition to our Family

I’d like to announce that K9 P.I. in Palm Beach Florida has a new member of its team.  Friendly is his name and finding bed bugs is his game.  If you have bed bug detection need anywhere in the state of Florida, don’t hesitate to contact K9 P.I.  Call today for a free quote.

Got Bed Bug Questions? Ask the Experts

Do you have a question about bed bugs? We are a Florida based company with bed bug experts in Miami, Palm Beach, Orlando, Tampa, Tallahassee, and Jacksonville Florida. We specialize in canine bed bug detection but work closely with nationally recognized bug bug entomologists. K9 P.I. is here to answer any question you have regarding […]

K9 P.I. Now Services Tampa and Orlando Florida Areas for Bed Bug Detection

As of November 1st 2012, K9 P.I. now services all areas surrounding Tampa Bay and Orlando Florida for K9 Bed Bug Detection and Inspection. If you are living in these areas and need a bed bug dog to inspect for the odor of live bed bugs and viable eggs please contact us immediately so that […]

Palm Beach Bed Bug Detection and Inspection K9 Division

K9 P.I. remains the only bed bug inspection team certified by an accredited organization. We remain as the “go to company” for the majority of residents located in Palm Beach and South Florida. Our bed bug inspections are done to the highest of standards and quality. Our company is backed by multiple organizations including the […]

Miami and South Florida Ranked amongst worst

The new ‘Worst Bed Bug Infested City’s’ report came out recently and Miami, Ft Lauderdale and South Florida ranked within the top 25 worst infested cities. That is a huge jump from just a year ago when Miami didn’t even make the list at all. New reports show that the reported infestations in South Florida […]

Dont fall for a Bed Bug dog Scam!!!

Bed bugs in South Florida are rapidly becoming an issue. Because of this Certain South Florida Pest Control companies have been pulling a fast one on its customers. Bed bug dogs are being used in South Florida between Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Miami on a regular basis. But be very careful you don’t fall […]

South Florida's most accurate bed bug dog "Angel"

South Florida bed bug dog

  Every morning South Florida’s best and most accurate bed bug detection dog takes her post at the top of the stairs as she awaits her morning training sessions. Angel is one of 5 dogs that K9 P.I. Inc uses to locate the odor or live bed bugs and viable eggs. Her nose can pick […]

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