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Bed Bug Scent Detection

Bed bugs are here to stay. It is extremely important to detect them as soon as possible. Our canine team(s) are here to keep your home, and workplace safe from the nightmare of a bed bug infestation.

NESDCA Certified Canine Scent Detection Bed Bug Teams

Early detection is key. K9 P.I. Inc. has been in business specializing in bed bug scent detection for 12 years. Each inspection is done with complete transparency and professionalism. Our corporate office is located in South Florida with available K9 dog teams in all 50 states. Let us help keep your home & workplace safe and free from bed bug infestation.

Save Time & Money

Our dogs can search up to 200 rooms in one day. This would take a human inspector months to do.

Over 98% Accurate

Humans only have 17-29% accuracy. Studies were done by the University of Florida on our dogs only.

Reduction of liability

No need to tear a room apart and move heavy furniture thus reducing worker liability. Using K9 P.I. also reduces liability if a lawsuit is claimed against your business.


We arrive in unmarked vehicles. Our teams wear business attire, and in most cases your employees and customers have no idea we are there or even have a dog with us.

Scientifically Proven

A hotel field study has shown that our dogs have been able to locate as few as one bed bug in a hotel room.

Prevent Infestations

Finding the problem with routine inspections before it’s too late can save reputations, loss of clientele and give you peace of mind.

NESDCA Certified Canine Scent Detection Bed Bug Teams

NESDCA Certification is the most important third party accreditation, formed by pest control professionals and scientists to ensure the highest (Gold) standards for bed bug scent detection. NESDCA was formed by Pest Control Professionals to ensure the highest standards are upheld.

Bed Bugs on the Rise!

Despite the reduction of travel during covid, bed bugs have seemed to prevail and are on the rise. Bed bugs being dormant during this time only means they did not travel around but waited patiently for their blood meal which research shows can be over a year. If an establishment had bed bugs before the pandemic, chances of them still being there are high. According to Dr. Richard Naylor, director and chief entomologist at The Bed Bug Foundation, “If they’ve been dormant for months, bed bugs will be highly aggressive, particularly when it’s dark”. This means bed bugs are much more likely to bite when a host returns.

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The Canine’s Brain

The part of a canine’s brain that is devoted to smelling is 40 times greater than ours in size. They also possess up to 300 million olfactory receptors in their nose, compared to about six million in humans. Thanks to their olfactory system, a dog can detect the scent of a single bed bug and/or viable eggs. Humans don’t typically notice infestations until it’s too late, mostly because the bed bugs are so elusive. By the time you can visually see one or two they are everywhere.

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Commercial Services

Bed bugs can be found just about anywhere. Movie theaters, medical centers, retail stores, Airbnb’s and office settings to name a few. Being proactive with inspections is the best approach to defeating bed bugs, saving reputations, reducing the amount of treatments, and money.

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Residential Services

K9 P.I. understands what residential customers go through physically, mentally and financially when it comes to these pests. Regardless of where you’ve been, there is always a chance a bed bug came home with you, and they are skilled at hiding. Being precautionary with canine inspections can prevent a costly infestation in your home

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