As many areas of the country begin to reach freezing temperatures, pest control companies small and large report that infestations from most bugs are lessened. Not so much with bed bugs! While many other pesky pests that thrive during warmer weather begin to die, bed bugs are uniquely suited to survive.

Research shows they are actually better at surviving during the winter, and while they may not be feeding or breeding as much, they are there, waiting… Bed bugs are experts at burrowing into deep crevices seeking a warmer environment, and can even go into an almost dormant state when necessary for their survival. There is an age old joke about the bug that never dies being a cockroach. However, a cockroach will die within a month without food while a bed bug can live up to a year! As they go on without feeding, their bodies flatten even more, enabling them to reach even more obscure hiding places. Our K9 teams have even discovered bed bugs hidden in power outlets. Essentially, the bad news for a lot of commercial and residential groups, is that the bed bug issue they thought went away or died has often times never left.


This is where our scent dogs excel, when the problem is not visible, “seems gone” or the area has been vacated. Our highly trained dogs can pick up the odor of only one bug. We had a recent inspection at a warehouse that had been de-commissioned for a couple months due to a worker finding bed bugs. The company had simply shifted usage to a nearby facility they had available in an effort to starve the bugs out, then moved back in and resumed operations. Shortly after, someone had a few bites and we were brought in. The manager thought they were re-infested, when in fact the bed bugs had never left. Fortunately, we were able to help and put them on a proactive inspection program. So, during this winter season, stay warm and remember not to underestimate the bed bug’s will to live.


We offer many options for reoccurring services to help prevent infestations. Early detection is the key to success when defeating bed bugs. If you think you may have an issue, call or message us immediately. Call: 561-422-4517.

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