Don’t let the thought of bed bugs ruin your vacation plans or create a bad memory for your spring break. Increased travel correlates with increased transport. Since they are great hitchhikers it is best to be precautionary. Knowing simple steps can help reduce the chances of bringing these pests home.

  1. Be aware of where you are staying and do your homework. Reviews tend to reveal past complaints on bed bug issues. Bed Bug Registry is also a great tool.
  2. Know your bed bug facts!
  3. Thoroughly inspect your room upon arrival. Check your bed before anything else. Pull back the sheets, check around the headboard and box spring. Any noticeable dark, rusted spots could be a sign of bed bugs. You can even take the time to use a flashlight to inspect around picture frames, furniture, valances or along the baseboard.
  4. Never keep your luggage on the floor. Keep it on a rack (after inspecting the rack) or in the bathroom. Avoid putting your clothing in the dresser.
  5. Keep your items concealed. If possible, keep dirty laundry and not washable items in bags that seal.
  6. Upon arriving home, leave your luggage outside or in the garage until it can be thoroughly inspected. Machine wash and dry clothes. Placing your clothing in the dryer on high heat for a minimum of 20 minutes can help aid in killing any possible bed bugs.


We offer many options for reoccurring services to help prevent infestations. Early detection is the key to success when defeating bed bugs. If you think you may have an issue, call or message us immediately. Call: 561-422-4517.

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