Everyone can agree that the hotel/hospitality industry has been hurt badly by COVID-19. And lets not forget about entertainment facilities, concert halls/venues, etc..etc.

Below these bigger companies are the smaller companies that deliver food, wash linens, clean floors and companies like ours, who help prevent the spread of bed bugs.

Bed bugs don’t just go away when people stop feeding them. A bed bug can live up to 533 days without a blood meal. But here is where things get interesting. After a few days of not feeding regularly, bed bugs will move and seek out other areas to find a human host. So in hotels, if they are in room 205, you will likely now have them in the hallways and in the room across or next to room 205. At concert venues, if the bed bugs were in section B Row H, Seats 9-13, they are likely now in Rows F, G, I, and J in a search to find a host.

The bad news is that once these businesses reopen, it will become a feeding frenzy. Bed bug bite cases will explode and unfortunately, those who encounter the bed bugs first will see the worst of it.

Call our team at K9 P.I. Inc. Our highly trained K9’s detect the odor of live bed bugs and viable eggs. We will be able to show you where to have your pest control companies focus on and treat appropriately.

For a limited time, we are offering free consultations with our bed bug expert. If you’d like an in person presentation for you and staff with one of our K9 and Handler teams, we can set that up too.

Please visit our website at Though our corporate office is based out of South Florida, we have teams in all 50 states as well as international.


We offer many options for reoccurring services to help prevent infestations. Early detection is the key to success when defeating bed bugs. If you think you may have an issue, call or message us immediately. Call: 561-422-4517.

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