During this pandemic, K9 PI, Inc, has continued its efforts defeating bed bugs. Pest control has been deemed an essential service during the COVID-19. The world has been put on pause and many places have been temporarily shut down halting their pest control procedures. This is especially worrisome as recent data suggests that bed bugs may contribute to asthma and breathing complications, leading to even more severe cases of COVID-19.

Before COVID-19, hotels benefited from daily inspections by housekeeping staff, alerts from guests and quick action from contracted pest management professionals to treat bed bug incidents. Now, early detection is less likely and timely treatment may not be available. Untreated, infestations can quickly grow exponentially and will spread throughout properties. For example, in 70 days, one pregnant female can create more than 30,000 bed bugs.

Delaying treatment simply worsens the inevitable. Bed bugs will expand throughout the facility, causing undue harm and stress to occupants and staff. Bed bug prevention can mean the difference between treating a few rooms versus expensive, building-wide treatment.

Left unaddressed, these pest will invade an entire hotel within months resulting in unnecessary pest control costs, guest compensation, staff time, legal expense and reduced census on lost room revenue resulting from negative social media. At the time restrictions begin to relax, it is important to implement a hotel-wide assessment for bed bug detection while the hotel is unoccupied.

“…an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”- Ben Franklin


We offer many options for reoccurring services to help prevent infestations. Early detection is the key to success when defeating bed bugs. If you think you may have an issue, call or message us immediately. Call: 561-422-4517.

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