Bed bug laws can be as old as 90 years in some states. Something overlooked and not taken seriously. Every state does differ as it comes to their bed bug laws. Depending on the laws in your state, it is important to educate yourself before complaining to your landlord.  There are now twenty three states that have enacted specific legislation when it comes to bed bugs and Florida is one of them. According to the Florida Landlord and Tenant Law:

“The landlord of a dwelling unit other than a single family home or duplex shall, at all times during the tenancy, make reasonable provisions for extermination of rats, mice, ants, wood destroying organisms, and bed bugs.”

The landlord must give 7 days notice prior to extermination and the tenant will have to exit the property for four days. Click Here to find out if your state is one that has passed a law to protect you!

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