Even though reports of bed bugs have slightly decreased around the country, in various cities, they are seeing a big jump in bed bugs cases according to Orkin’s recently released list of “top 50 bed bug cities”. Toledo, OH and Dayton, OH both jumped over 20 spots closer to the top and Chicago, IL knocked out Washington, DC for the #1 spot. With 6 new cities entering the list and 20 other cities reporting an increase, this is something to keep an eye on in heavily populated areas.

The question is why is there a decline in some places and an incline in others? Well, with travel decreasing there are less incidents of bed bugs relocating from place to place. On the other hand, many facilities and business have been vacant or less employees onsite to stop the beginning stages of an infestation. This has allowed bed bugs to multiply very quickly. In a matter of days, a female can lay numerous eggs resulting in the multiplication of these pesky pests. Bigger infestations are now being found. According to PCTonline, “when calls have come in, pest management professionals report finding more severe infestations that are more challenging to treat”. Even though many cities/states have shut down over the past year, pest control has remained an essential industry which should not be ignored.