When it is colder out, bed bugs become less active which affects how they grow and breed. A bed bug nymph goes through 5 stages before becoming an adult. Colder weather slows down this process. Now, that it is summer and temperatures are warmer, bed bugs can completely develop in just over a month, multiplying rapidly, given a host that is. Thinking about that, you can imagine just how fast an infestation can occur. Also, the fact that travel increases during the summer they are capable of spreading into new homes and public places quickly. Once inside, they will feed, reproduce, and become extremely difficult to get rid of. If you have any concerns that you may have brought one of these pests home, it is important to locate them right away. This is where we come in. A quick inspection can either give you peace of mind or determine you need to contact a pest control company. In that case, we can also come back out post treatment to verify the treatment was successful. When it comes to bed bugs, keep K9 P.I. at the top of your contact list!