Why are canine bed bug inspections important? Years ago, it was frowned upon to have a bed bug action plan in place. Some felt it would be as if they were admitting their hotel had bed bugs. Now, having a plan in place can save reputations and give a hotel an extra layer of protection.

Many don’t realize how important it is to be proactive when it comes to bed bugs. Unless you’ve dealt with them, one may think it’s a waste of money. Well, it is quite the opposite. According to Orkin, hotels spend on average $6,383 per bed bug incident. Wow! Now, imagine having a bed bug encounter more than once in a year. Since there is no way of stopping bed bugs from being brought in, being proactive can save you thousands of dollars by reducing your chances of an expensive infestation.

What makes it so expensive? The loss of business during the given period, cost of replacing items, refunds to customers and most of all extermination costs. Also, consider the cost of a customer filing suit and/or spreading negative reviews.

Our inspections are quick and effective. Being up to 98% accurate, our canines only alert on the scent of live bed bugs or viable eggs. With bed bugs being great at hiding just about anywhere, what cannot be seen by the eye can be found by a canine.

Whether having canine bed bug inspections monthly or quarterly, we highly recommend having a strong bed bug action plan in place for all hotels and utilizing the power of the sniffer.