For Your Home

Regardless of where you have been, there is always a chance a bed bug came home with you. Being precautionary with canine inspections can prevent an infestation in your home. Remember, bed bugs reach adulthood within a few weeks. They are great at hiding! By the time they are seen by the human eye, there is usually an infestation and they are extremely difficult to eradicate. K9 P.I. understands what residential customers go through physically and mentally when it comes to these pests. Bed bugs don’t take vacations or care what time it is, and neither do we! Whether it’s the weekend or after business hours, we are available.

Don’t Panic!

In the commercial sector, one may say this is a common occurrence and not alarming, but to a resident this can seem quite frightening. Don’t be fooled by gimmicky sprays sold online or in stores promising to kill bed bugs. They don’t work and may make the problem worse. If you have any questions as to if bed bugs made their way into your life, our team can come to do a thorough inspection. We do not affiliate ourselves with any pest control companies for treatment in order to give you an honest inspection with complete transparency. However, we will guide you on the future steps should our canines alert to the presence of live bed bugs or viable eggs.

The inspection process:

  • Handler and canine team will enter location to inspect all available areas.
  • Depending on square footage, each inspection can take 3-6 minutes per room.
  • Vehicle inspections are included.
  • Once the inspection is completed, we will let you know the results as well as submit a confidential report to you within hours of the inspection.

Different Types of Treatments

IF bed bugs are present, treatment is crucial. There are multiple options out there for you to choose from.

  • Steamers
  • Freezing
  • Heat Techniques
  • Insecticides
  • Pyrethroids
  • Dichlorvos

We will provide you a comprehensive report and advise you to contact a licensed Pest Control company specializing in bed bug extermination for the most effective treatment. To confirm that the problem is completely resolved, our canines can be used post treatment for a re-inspection. Depending on the treatment used, we can reinspect within 1 to 30 days.